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Get to the heart of your data with SalesPad Boost.

Give your CSRs a boost! SalesPad Boost provides easy access and visibility into information that was previously challenging for Dynamics GP users to pin down. Many distributors are trying to run lean these days, and Boost makes that possible—for free. There are no strings attached here—this is our offering to help distributors facing efficiency challenges. When time is precious, instant access to this information helps CSRs increase productivity by reducing those annoying but inherent Dynamics GP system constraints.

  • Easy Installation: Quick and painless installation. No special setup or implementation required*. Sweet, simple, and satisfying. (*MS Dynamics GP 2010 or newer required.) 
  • Customer Search Functionality: Search for specific data regarding your customers in one simple field.
  • Sales Document Lookup: Easily search for any open sales documents. Get a view into document type, date, batch, total, and much more.
  • Customer Item History: Search your customers’ item history in a matter of seconds. See who orders the most, and see which items are the most popular.

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SalesPad Boost

Download SalesPad Boost For Free

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